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300 FpS
Wilhelm Tell The revolutionary idea behind the TWINBOW® is its unique detachable four-limb unit.
The outstanding features of the TWINBOW® four-limb unit:
Four inverted high quality composite limbs are paired in two sets of two and each set is positionned opposite of a high quality aluminium center piece.
Center piece nose fixes looped string ends to cylinder screw activated bolt enabling energy adjustment.
An axle system including ultralight carbon wheel mounts joined to the twin-limbs by full composite technology.
Four precision aluminium wheels guiding the string in a cat’s cradle pattern through the limb-system delivering maximum energy to the arrow while ensuring the self-alignment of the string.
Snap–locked to the pincer-stock the TWINBOW® four-limb unit can be disassembled within seconds.

The power of the TWINBOW® four-limb unit can be regulated to deliver arrow speeds up to 300 FpS.

These materials contribute to the striking appearance of the TWINBOW®:

Full composite technology twin-limbs
Aircraft grade CNC machined and hardcoated aluminium parts
Ultra-light, high-resistent carbon tubes
Hand-sculptured, selected wood parts of finest Swiss walnut
High quality polished stainless steel parts
Each TWINBOW® is delivered in a high quality case

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Unbenanntes Dokument
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